Do you require sending a lot of emails instantaneously? You can pass them through RoofMail in advance and schedule the send for any time in the future.

Event traking

Track what your emails are doing via events. We provide open, click, unsubscribe, delivery, bounce, drop, deferred and spam events for every email sent.

You can see your event statistics directly through your dashboard or via webhooks, both in real time.

Suppression list

We create suppression lists for you automatically and keep them updated. So if you attempt to email a user who does not exist or has previously unsubscribed, RoofMail will remove them from the sending queue.


Need to send emails with the same structure to many users? We have email templates or can custom create a template specifically to fit your needs.

With Mustache under the hood, you can use or build a wide variety of templates for your emails.

Our Workflow

You can easily integrate RoofMail to any application or website.

Setup Account

Add your own domain for your newsletters, gererate API key, add templates, and set up webhooks notifications if you need.

Passing Emails to RoofMail API

Pass your Emails to RoofMail via REST API

Monitoring statistics

Go to dashboard and discover your sent emails

Contact Us

Have any questions? Would you like to be a beta tester? Please fill out this form.

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